Chiara Ferragni and her Aniye By dress

Try to resist, to a divinely worn trend, by the most famous influencer in the world.
Try to stop the irresistible desire to be inspired by the Chiara Ferragni look, which at the Aniye By fashion show for the new Fall Winter 2019/20 collection from the Texas Glam mood he wore an unforgettable outfit. A animalier outfit, or rather a micro-dress embroidered with sequins in a leopard pattern. Yes, the mix of Chiara Ferragni this time wants three trends in one: on the one hand, the timeless charm of the animalier dress and the sparkling brilliance of sequins, on the other the choice to match the veiled pantyhose is not the usual model of shoe with a closed heel but a very summery model: a pair of total black sandals.
The Chiara Ferragni look is the perfect combo for an elegant and super-youth outfit. So, wear a leopard dress like this too.

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